Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chapter 23

Tori rose slowly from the depths of sleep and lazily stretched. Or tried to. But her limbs could only move a short distance. Frowning slightly, she opened her eyes only to find darkness – not the shadowy darkness of an unlit room at night, but the absolute darkness of light being blocked out. A blindfold? Her heart started to race. What the...? “Richie?”
Soft lips pressed to hers, effectively silencing her. The familiar smell and taste of him reassured her that it was indeed her husband that had her bound and blindfolded. It was the first time they’d done this in a very long time – and not to the extent this night promised since that incredible night on their honeymoon. Memories of that night and the possibilities of this one sent adrenaline and anticipation coursing through every muscle and nerve in her body.

When his head lifted, she waited to see what he had planned next. She had no doubt she’d enjoy it. The best part about these types of ‘birthday gift’ requests from him was that they were as much for her as they were for him. She truly was the ‘lucky bitch’ Karin often called her.

A moment later, she felt her legs being spread and lifted by the bindings placed just above her knees, opening her completely to her husband’s gaze – if he chose to look.

He did. For long minutes, Richie let his gaze drift over his delectably displayed wife and planned his next move. Then he reached out for her.

Tori shivered as calloused fingertips roamed her body, setting fire to her skin, wondering briefly how he got her clothes off of her without her noticing it.  Deprived of sight, her other senses took over, especially her sense of touch.  And she liked what she was feeling.  And she wanted more.  She wasn’t even aware that her body lifted towards him – as much as it could anyway.

But Richie was. He noted every movement – however slight, every sigh and murmur she made.  This was part of what he wanted – to be able to touch her any way he chose, and see her honest response.  Blindfolded, she couldn’t react to his expressions or reactions, only her own feelings.  Glancing at her flushed face and restless body, he was satisfied that she was ready. Time to play.

Tori gasped as two long fingers traced the length of her dampening cleft and slid inside. “Oh!” It didn’t hurt, but she wasn’t quite wet enough for easy penetration.  But that wouldn’t be the case for long.  She sensed his shifting movement a split second before the tip of his tongue flicked her clit. It was like opening a floodgate. Each swipe over the sensitive nub called down more moisture from her depths until her fluids were flowing freely and the friction eased.

When he was able, Richie curled his embedded fingers slightly, searching for the little patch on the front wall of her channel that, when rubbed the right way, guaranteed a quick and usually fairly intense trip up passion’s peak. And today was no different. Within minutes of him finding the spot, her hips lifted towards him and her moans echoed around the room.

“Oh! Yes! Right there. Mmmmmm.”

Since this was meant to be an appetizer before the smorgasbord he had planned, he didn’t want to drag it out and tire her too soon. Closing his lips around her now swollen nub, he sucked gently. That, combined with the teasing of his fingers very quickly sent her over the edge.

“RICHIE!” Tori clenched her hands and arched her back as the spasms rocked her body.

Satisfied that there was now enough lubrication for the next instalment, Richie gave her a few moments to catch her breath while he readied the new toy he’d bought her. It was called the Pink Rabbit. It had multiple speeds, a gyrating head and ‘ears’ that stroked the clit. Moving it into place, he set it on the lowest setting and sat back to watch.

“Oh! Oooh!” Tori gasped. “What the hell? Mmmmm.” Within minutes she was lost in the new sensations shooting through her core. The only sound in the room –aside from the low hum of the vibrator - was her increasingly laboured breathing and soft moans. There was nothing to distract her from the movements of the toy imbedded inside her. “Oh God! Mmmmmmm.”

Richie watched in fascination as passion overtook his wife. Her sun kissed velvety skin, already flushed, soon became covered in a sheen of sweat. The minutes passed, her arousal grew, and her body began to undulate in rhythm with the movements of the twisting toy and her own needs. As she neared the peak her tempo increased until she was writhing, and crying out her pleasure.

“Yes! Oh God! Oooooooh FUCK!”

Richie couldn’t look away. His eyes were glued to the scene in front of him. The sight of his wife twisting and turning as much as the bindings would allow, her head thrashing as she tried to absorb and withstand the pleasure inundating her, finally losing the battle and succumbing, and seeing the ecstasy reflected in her face was....breathtaking. Fuck she’s beautiful! I can’t believe this incredible creature belongs to me!  Hearing her scream as a second orgasm rocked her, he grinned. Looks like Shirley was right about the toy. She certainly seems to be enjoying it.

Finally, after watching her come a third time, her cries ringing in his ears, he couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. His body demanded to join the party. Turning off the vibrator, he eased it out of her body. Ignoring her sigh of relief, he knelt between her wide spread thighs, positioned himself and filled her with one steady thrust.

“Oh!” Tori groaned.

He wanted to be gentle and considerate, but watching her climax over and over had taken a toll on his control. Unable to help himself, he started to move, thrusting heavily and deeply. He was careful not to touch her anywhere else. Faster and faster, harder and harder he pounded into her. Leaning over her, he braced himself on his arms so that he could keep their contact minimal, and drove even deeper.

“Oh! Oh! Oh God! RICHIE!” Tori screamed his name as yet another orgasm ripped through her.

But he didn’t stop. Swivelling his hips he ground into her, pressing his pelvic bone against her clit.

“Oh shit! Yes!” Tori was shaking uncontrollably at this point, her cries reduced to whimpers.

Richie thrust even deeper, reaching for that elusive spot that would push her over the edge...and take him with her.

Tori opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. Her body when rigid, then convulsed.

Feeling her clamp down like a vice on his shaft, he exploded, flooding her with his warmth. Panting, he withdrew and loosened her leg bindings to let her rest while he caught his breath and got what he needed for the next course.

Tori was still trying to get her breath back and wrap her mind around what had happened to her over the last little while, when something cold was set on her stomach....and promptly melted with the heat of her skin. Ice?

She gasped and shivered and her nipples shrivelled at the touch of more ice. That was quickly counteracted by the heat of his mouth as it covered one hard tip and sucked up the moisture dripping off of it. “Mmmmm.”

Judging by the sounds she was making, Richie guessed that she liked the contrasting temperatures. Picking up another cube from the bowl beside him, he trailed it over her collar bone and up each arm. Then he bent and followed the same path with his mouth, licking and sucking up the rivulets of melt water. Lifting his head slightly, he pursed his lips and blew on the damp trail, smiling when she shivered.

Next, he turned his attention to her breasts. With a fresh cube, he started at the point where her breast met her torso and circled the perimeter. He continued with an ever shrinking spiral until he reached the tip. There he paused and watched in fascination as her nipple pebbled, hardened and elongated in response to the cold. Then he dipped his head, setting his lips to her skin and sucking up the moisture. Lifting his head, he switched sides and gave her other breast the same treatment.

He eased back and surveyed her heaving chest, hesitated, then picked up yet another ice cube, he turned back to his wife. Alternating between her plump mounds, he teased her hard nipples, varying between the ice and his hot mouth, occasionally blowing across the sensitive tips, noting that her moans and cries had changed to whimpers and her back arched towards him.

“Richie please!” A shudder shook her body.

Fighting back a chuckle, he relented and left her breasts to trail between them, down over her stomach – first the ice, then his mouth. He spent several minutes around her navel and the smooth skin of her rounded belly, drinking the water that gathered there and trying to feel for any movement. It shouldn’t be too much longer before his child was big enough to stretch and test the confines of his or her watery world enough for Daddy to notice.

“Richie, stop teasing!” Tori clenched her hands around her restraints.

His response was to tug on her leg bindings, opening her once more. She gasped and shivered as he trailed an ice cube along the inside of her thighs, then traced her cleft, up one side and down the other, caressing each swollen fold. Holding her open with one hand, he circled the ice around and over her clit with the other. Finally, he slid the cube inside her.

“Oooooh.”  Her hips lifted and swivelled at the cold on her heated flesh.

Richie waited a few moments, then bent his head and lapped up the water, letting his tongue slid along each fold and crevice before delving inside.


He circled her clit and watched her face, noting the gyrations of her body. When he judged the time was right, he used the flat of his tongue to stroke her nub and send her over the edge, shifting to suck up the mixture of water and her juices pulsing out of her with each spasm.

She was still shuddering and gasping for breath when she felt something touch her stomach. It felt like.....fur? Then another texture scraped her skin. Loofah?

For the next ten minutes Richie stroked her body, alternating between fur and loofah, covering every inch of her skin....several times, until Tori thought she was going to lose her mind. The contrasting soft and rough had her already zinging nerve endings sparking like the fireworks they’d watched a few days ago. Her skin felt like it was on fire everywhere he touched. 

“Oh God! Richie....stop. I can’t take any more.”

He ignored her plea and continued to caress her. Over and over, his hands roamed her body. She couldn’t take the torture any longer. She had to find a way to make him stop, a way to get a little bit of control back in this situation, even if it was only briefly.

“Holy shit!” She had to pause to swallow and lick her lips.  “Baby please! I....I feel so empty! I need you inside me.” Her voice deepened to a honeyed purr.  “I need to feel big and hard stretching me.” She lifted her hips in invitation. “Don’t you want to come inside? I can guarantee you a hot...wet....welcome.”

He could never resist his wife when she was bent on seduction. Settling his hips between her thighs, he positioned himself and slowly penetrated her.

“Mmmmm...yes. That’s what I love best. Your fingers can excite me, your mouth can make me tingle and shiver, but this......mmmmm....your hardness deep inside me.....this shatters my world.”

Richie closed his eyes and groaned.

“Come closer baby. Let me feel your weight on me. I want to feel your chest rubbing against my breasts.”

He lowered himself down and braced his weight on his elbows.

Tori arched up to meet him and twisted her torso back and forth as much as she could, undulating against him like a cat in heat. “Mmmmm. That feels so good. I love the feel of your skin on mine....and how your chest hair tickles my nipples.”

Richie shuddered and started to move, stroking deep and slow.

“Oooooh...mmmm...yes. Damn baby that feels soooo good! I love how you fill me.” She moaned softly, her hips matching his languid rhythm. “So deep.  Feels like you’re reaching my very soul. Mmmmm...yes. More Richie. Don’t stop!”

Richie grit his teeth and increased his pace a little. He knew what she was doing. Since she couldn’t use her hands she was trying to take back a little control by pushing him into orgasm with words. And damned if it wasn’t working! He only had himself to blame. When he met her, she was too shy and uncertain to talk about what they did when they made love, but he’d managed to convince her that not only was it more than okay, it turned him on. Now that was coming back to bite him. But he wasn’t going to give in one second before his body told him he absolutely had to. He swivelled his hips and thrust deeper.

Tori gasped. “Oh my God! Yes!” She squeezed him intimately, the corners of her lips lifting when he groaned in response. “I can feel every inch of you burrowing inside me....pulsing inside me.”

Richie thrust faster.

“Mmm....yes!” She started to pant. “You make me so wet....and so hot! I can’t get enough!”

His pace increased even more, but he held on.

“Mmmmm. Yes, baby yes! Like that. Let me feel all of you.” Her hips continued to move with his. Feeling her orgasm approaching she fought against it, and clenched rhythmically around his buried erection.

Richie groaned again and increased his pace even more.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Yes baby! Ooooh baby fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Her movements became frenzied and her head thrashed on the pillow. “Yes Richie yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!”

At the instant her body went rigid, Richie lost control and exploded. But he continued to move until her spasms faded and he was completely empty. He rested his head on the pillow above her shoulder and fought to breathe.

Finally, he lifted his head and looked at her face. His lips twisted into a wry smile at the expression of satisfaction on her face. He hadn’t spoken up to this point because he wanted nothing to distract her from the sensations he was intent on drowning her in. But he couldn’t stop himself. “Brat.”

She grinned. Before she could respond, her stomach growled.

Easing away, Richie loosened her leg restraints, and bent to press his lips to her rounded stomach before rising from the bed to call room service.