Friday, May 27, 2011

Chapter 14

“So Bela, what did you do to Chuck’s hair?” David asked between bites of fajita. They were sitting around the dinner table enjoying some of Rosa’s family’s favourite dishes. Rosa knew that David enjoyed her cooking and was spoiling him. “Whatever it was, you need to do it again. He’s looking like he put his finger in a light socket.”

“So says the Chia pet.” Tori replied.

Laughter erupted around the table.

“Ch ch ch chia!” Ava sang. “T-Mom, that’s a good one!”

Tori winked at her and fed Lauren another spoonful of yellow beans. Sitting back, she eyed her brother. “So, Jon, are you going to let me have my husband back anytime soon or are you just going to keep booking tour dates?”

“Uh uh Bela, don’t you know that guitarist’s wives don’t get to dictate tour dates?” David wagged his finger at her.

“Ah, but I’m not just his guitarist’s wife, I’m his sister. Besides, I wasn’t dictating anything, merely asking a question.”

Jon eyed her warily. “You’ve been talking to Dot.”

Tori shrugged. “It’s kind of hard to make plans when we don’t know whether you guys are going to be available.”

“I don’t understand why you’d want to spend a lot of time with Chuck anyway Bela.” David smirked.

Sapphire eyes narrowed. “The real question, Shirley, is why Karin would want to spend any time with you at all!”

The edge in her voice silenced the room as the band members all exchanged glances. Richie gave his wife a meaningful look and raised one brow slightly. Her answering nod was almost imperceptible. Richie leaned towards David. “Stop poking the bear.”

Forks hit plates all around the table. They all knew what that particular phrase meant.

Tori fed Lauren another spoonful of food before anyone spoke. When they did, it all came at once.



“So soon?”

“Aw man!” Ava groaned. “Don’t you guys know anything about birth control?”

Richie’s head snapped towards his eldest. “What do you know about it?”

Tori laid her hand on his arm and leaned closer to murmur. “Better she knows than she doesn’t.” She turned to Ava. “Now you have proof that it’s not a hundred percent effective.” A slight frown creased her forehead. “Are you upset about this? I thought you wanted brothers and sisters.”

“I did. And I’ve got them.” She gestured towards Stevie and Lauren.

“What’s the problem?” Richie asked.

Ava made a face, then at a look from her father, sighed and shrugged. “I’m just trying to figure out how to tell my friends that my parents are having another your age!”

“Hey! I’m not old!” Tori chided her stepdaughter.

“No, you’re not...but Dad is.”

“Oh, well, okay.”

“Hey!” Richie pouted.

Stevie looked around the table, then reached out to pat his big sister’s arm. “What wong?”

“Your mommy’s going to have a baby.”

He looked at Lauren. “Her did. Seetpea.”

“No, I mean she’s going to have another one.”

“Oh.” He went back to his dinner.

“How are you feeling nina?” Tico asked.

“The usual.”

“Tired.” Tico suggested.

“Cranky.” David added, which earned him the female version of the stink eye.

They all looked at Richie.

“I love my wife and she’s perfect, just the way she is.” He kept his face expressionless.
“Good answer.” Tori snorted and leaned over to kiss him.

“Thanks dear.”  

Jon gazed back and forth between his sister and his brother-in-law. “Do you want the name and number of my urologist?”

After dinner, as they headed into the living room to relax, Jon held Tori back. “Are you okay with all of this? I mean, it’s got to be hard on you so soon after Lauren. Are you taking care of yourself?” Her smirk had him replaying his words in his head. “I’m trying to be prepared to answer the questions Mom and Dot are going to throw at me.”

“Ah. Yes, I’m fine and taking care of myself. But now you understand why I asked about when the tour was going to end.”

“Yeah, and I’ll take it into consideration.” Jon promised.

“Do. I’d hate to have to ask Dot or Carol for help.”

“Blackmail!” They entered the living room to join the others. “She’s actually blackmailing me! Her own brother!

None of them were brave enough to admit they wished they had the power - and the guts – to do it.

“Did you forget how nasty she is when she’s hormonal?” David asked him.

“Scarecrow Syndrome sets in again.” Tori scowled at him as she sat down on the couch beside her husband.

It was a peaceful, family scene. The adults were spread around the room on various pieces of furniture. Tico was even lying on the floor, Lauren sitting on his stomach playing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’. Stevie was on Jon’s lap showing him his latest pop-up book. Ava was curled up in a chair busy texting. A movie played on the TV.

David walked in, a drink in one hand, his phone in the other, which he held out to Tori. “My wife wants to talk to you.”

The smirk on his face and the expression in his light blue eyes warned her. “Hi Karin. How are you?”

“Never mind how I am! Do you have something you want to tell me?”

“I’m guessing Shirley already has.” Tori responded dryly.

“And why didn’t you tell me?”

“I haven’t told anyone until tonight. You know how I feel about announcements in the early stages.”

“I know.” Karin sighed. “I thought you were done after Lauren.”

“So did I.”

“Oh. Oops.”

“Yeah. But this is definitely the last one.”

“ are you handling it?”

“I’m fine. Just the usual crap. I’ll survive.”

“But the last thing you need is Richie on the road when you need him the most. And now you’ve got all of them, including my smartass husband to deal with! I’d better have a talk with him and remind him what proper behaviour is around the bear.”

“Ha ha. And I suppose that you’re just a barrel of laughs and good cheer?”

“Hell no! Just...I think maybe my swings aren’t quite as...deep as yours. Still, I’m glad it’s only temporary.”

“Amen!” Tori looked at her children. “And at least we get something beautiful out of it.”

“So it really does make all of this crap worthwhile?”

“Yes, even though it might not feel like it right now.”

Karin sighed. “I’ll be glad when the tour is over. At least David’s been through this before and can help me figure out what’s normal and what’s not.”

Tori bit back a crack about Shirley’s version of ‘normal’. She knew that, as crazy and quirky as he was, he loved Karin and treated her like a precious gift. “I will be too.” She reached for Richie’s hand and squeezed.

“Well, maybe now that you’re expecting again Jon will stop adding dates and we can be sure our husbands will be around when the babies come.” Karin yawned.

“I’m working on that. I heard that yawn. Get some sleep. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay. And Tori....congratulations.”

“Thanks. I’ll put Shirley back on. Nite.”

She handed the phone back to David and snuggled closer to Richie. “I guess I’d better call my mother tomorrow.” She glanced at Jon. “And yours and Dot.”

Jon nodded. “You’d better or you’ll be in for it.” He paused. “Seriously though, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” She knew that look in his eyes. “What’s on your mind Jon?”

“You’re coming to the show tomorrow night right?”

“Yes, and I’m bringing the kids.”

“Do you feel up to joining us for a few songs?”

Ava glanced up. “That would be totally cool T-Mom!”

“Yeah? You think so?” Tori smiled at her step-daughter.

“Uh huh. I love hearing you sing. And you and Uncle Jon sound really great together.” At her father’s lifted brow she rushed to add. “And Dad too of course.”

Richie grunted. “Gee thanks Bean.”

“So what do you say Tori?” Jon pressed.

“I think something can be arranged.”

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 13

Early afternoon a week later, a tired group of rockstars walked through the door.

“Bela!! We’re home!  BELA!”

“Jeez Shirley! You’d better hope the kids aren’t napping or she’ did Dot put it to me?” Richie glanced at Jon. “Have your guts for garters?”

“She doesn’t scare me....much.” David replied.

“DADDY!” Running footsteps accompanied the yell. Stevie ran into the foyer and straight to his father.

“Hi Peanut!” Richie bent to scoop his son up in his arms. “I’ve missed you! Have you been good for Mommy?”

“Uh huh. I hep ped Mama and Juan put flowers in dirt.”

“That’s a good boy. Where are your sisters?” Richie asked as he set him down to let him greet his uncles.

“Bean at kool, Seetpea gettin pants changed.”

“Brace yourself Sweetpea, we’ve been invaded. Our peace and quiet is gone.” Tori descended the stairs, Lauren in her arms.

“Aw Bela you say that like you don’t like us.” David grinned at her.

“What makes you so sure I do Shirley?”

“Because I married your best friend.”

“Which means I have to tolerate you...I don’t have to like you.” The twinkle in her eyes assured him she was joking.

David grabbed his heart. “You wound me sweetheart.”

“Yeah, yeah, I can see the tears. Let me find you a lollipop.” She greeted Jon, Tico and Hugh with a kiss on the cheek. When Richie reached for Lauren, she stopped him. “Wait! Stand there.” Standing about three feet away she set the baby on her feet. “Walk to Daddy Sweetpea.”

Richie crouched down and held out his hands, tears filling his eyes when his daughter toddled towards him, unsteady but determined. When she reached him he gathered her close. “You’re walking! What a big girl!”

Tori watched her husband and their daughter, her own eyes dampening. She cleared her throat. “You guys make yourselves at home. Rich, can you help me with something upstairs please?”

“Sure angel.” Richie handed Lauren to Jon, much to her delight, picked up his bags and followed his wife upstairs.

“Oh Uncle Jon, there’s a bottle in the kitchen Rosa will warm for you so you can to try and get someone to take an n-a-p.”

“What makes you think I’d want to...” Jon gave up at the sight of his sister’s knowing look. “Fine. Come on Lauren. Your Mama’s a pain in my butt. Are you thirsty?”

“Tunca Teek, you pay blocks with me?” Stevie tugged on Tico’s hand.

“Sure buddy.”

“Don’t you want me to play too?” David pouted.

Stevie considered him. “’Kay. But no knock over dis time kay?”

Tori smiled, knowing her children were in safe hands – and Tico would protect Stevie from Shirley, and she could concentrate on her own needs...and her husband.

In their bedroom, she led him into the large closet/dressing room. He frowned at the body pillow lying on his half of the bed, and...

“What the hell is that?”


“Did you put my t-shirt on that damn pillow?”

“Yes, and put some of your cologne on him too.” Tori grinned. “Now when I cuddle with him he feels and smells like you.”

“I feel like a pillow?”

“Well, you’re a harder than him, but just as comforting.”

It angel, not him.”

“Yes, dear.” She bit back a smile and tugged on his hand. “Come on.” 

As soon as he was through the door of the dressing room, she closed it and flipped the lock.

Richie raised a brow at her as he set his bags down, his dark eyes twinkling. “What’s up?”

“Hopefully you are.” Tori replied as she reached for the hem of her t-shirt, lifted it over her head and tossed it aside.  The rest of her clothes quickly followed. Grasping the waistband of his jeans, she backed up until her back hit the door, tugging him along with her. “Come here and greet your wife properly.”

“I gotta say angel, I’m liking this kind of greeting.”

“Then quit standing there leering at me and give me what I need!”

He chuckled. “I take it you’re a little hungry.”

“Starving.” She answered almost absently, her attention focused on opening his pants. Frustrated with his stubborn belt buckle, she growled and glared up at him. “Are you going to help or just stand there smirking and watching me struggle until I combust in a cloud of hormones?”

“Do you need help? I thought you were teasing me.”

“Richie!” Tori yanked harder and gave a satisfied grunt when his belt finally came undone.

Richie sucked in his breath - and his stomach – as his pants opened beneath agile fingers and her slender hand slipped inside to cup him over his underwear. He noted her slight frown. “Your motor’s revving at a higher speed these days angel. Give me a minute to catch up.”

But waiting wasn’t on Tori’s agenda.  She’d been waiting a long time for him to be home to take care of her needs and they had a house full of people...and limited time. So she decided to deal with the situation on her own. And she knew a sure fire way of accelerating his libido. She dropped to her knees, taking his pants and underwear with her.

“Jesus angel!” The words were torn from him by the heat of her mouth closing around the tip of his erection. That, and the teasing strokes of her fingers had him rapidly swelling to his full size.

For long minutes, Tori lost herself in the taste of him. Her tongue swirled around the now throbbing head and she suckled lightly. But the pulsing of her own flesh brought her attention back to the matter at hand...or in her hand...or her mouth...whatever.  Standing again, she reached up to touch her lips to his, gripped his hips and tugged him closer. “Take me Richie. I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel you inside!”

Richie’s hands came up to cup and fondle her breasts, watching her face for any signs of discomfort, his senses perking up even more when he saw none. “No pain? So I get my favourite toys back!”

She slapped his hands away and ignored his pout. “You can play with those later, with my full blessing, but right now you need to do your husbandly duty!”

He sighed. “Jeez, you’re so demanding.”

Tori wasn’t fooled. His dark eyes were hot and twinkling and his erection was bumping impatiently against her stomach. “You like it when I’m demanding – at least in the bedroom.”

“ do you want it?”

“Hard, fast...and up against this door.”

“Yes dear.” Lips twitching, he wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her. As her legs wrapped around him he positioned himself and filled her with a slow steady thrust. The relieved sigh she exhaled turned the twitch into a smirk. “That do it for ya?”

Sapphire eyes narrowed and glittered ominously. She looped her hands around his neck. “Do you know what happens to husbands who tease their pregnant, hormonal wives?” She kissed him lightly.


His obvious amusement had her eyes narrowing even more. “They get hurt!” She sucked his full bottom lip into her mouth and bit down....hard.”

“OW!” He licked his lip, but didn’t taste any blood. “Okay, okay. I get the message.”

“Good. Now, how are you going to answer it?”

Arms supporting her under her hips, he pressed her against the door more firmly. “By giving you want you want of course. Never say I’m not a generous, considerate husband.”

Her chuckle was choked off by the strength of his thrust. And she never completely got her breath back. Between the feel of his shaft penetrating her repeatedly, finally....finally easing the ache and longing that was always present to some degree when he was on the road, and his mouth doing all the teasing, tantalizing things he was so good at to her mouth and neck, she was barely coherent enough to hang onto him and suck in enough oxygen not to pass out. Anything else was way beyond her. All she could do was cling to him and enjoy the ride.

“” Each growled word was punctuated by a hard thrust.

“Yes.” Tori tightened her grip on his neck and waist and buried her face in the hollow between his neck and his shoulder. Inhaling his familiar scent, she absorbed his thrusts and revelled in the sensations bombarding her body. “Yes. Yes. Yes. God yes!”

When her orgasm crashed down on her, Tori couldn’t scream...she could barely breathe. “Mmmmmm.”

Feeling her channel vice around him, Richie let go and followed her over the edge. “Fuck angel!”

It took several minutes before they could move and breathe without gasping. After cleaning up and getting dressed again they headed downstairs to see what Tico and the kids – big and little – were up to.

They found them all in the living room, Tico, Hugh and David on the floor with Stevie playing with his blocks, Jon on the couch, a sleeping Lauren in his arms.

“You could have put her in her bed you know.” Tori pointed out to her brother.

“I was afraid of what I might hear if I went upstairs and I figured she didn’t need to be exposed to that at her age.” Jon eyed his wingman. “Feel better now?”

“I don’t know about him, but I certainly do.” Tori shot back, grinning when Jon grimaced at that disclosure.

“TMI sis!”

Tori just laughed and patted his shoulder.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 12

“How are you feeling today?”

“Not too bad. I think my breasts are finally starting to subside.”

“Not sure if that’s good or bad.”

“I’ll be glad when this tour is over. You need to get away from Shirley.”

The low chuckle echoing down the phone line sent shivers down her spine to settle as a slow throb low in her pelvis. “Are you sleeping any better?”

“Not really. You know I never sleep as well alone. I may have to break out Bernie.”

Richie sighed. “Replaced by a pillow.”

“Not just a pillow, an incredibly comfortable body pillow. And it’s only temporary.” Tori assured him. “Once you’re here for me to cuddle up with I won’t need least for a few more months.”

“How are the hunger pangs? Now there’s something Bernie can’t help you with.”

“Unfortunately, you’re not here to help me either.”

“What about the...helper...I left for you?”

Tori grimaced. “It takes the edge off, but it’s not as good as the real thing.”

“And neither is Bernie.  I still can’t believe you named the damn thing.” A knock on his dressing room door had Richie glancing up to see Rew pointing at his watch, then towards the stage. He nodded and stood.



“Good. Need to keep you on your toes.”

Richie snorted as he walked down the hallway towards the stage for soundcheck. “Like that’s ever been a problem for you.”

“Keeps life interesting though doesn’t it.”

“That it does angel. How are the kids?”

“All signs of illness are gone. And I think Lauren might start walking pretty soon. She pulled herself up against the coffee table this morning. ”

“Yeah? We’ll have to work on that when I’m home next.”

“Oh sure, that’s just what I need – two of them running around when my belly will soon be too big to chase them.” She sighed. “Good thing I have Ava to help. And tell my brother he’d better stop adding dates or he and I are going to have words!”

Richie climbed onto the stage and eyed Jon’s frown. “Uh, I think I’ll let you tell him that angel.”



“Mama? Me talk Daddy?”

“Hang on Rich, Peanut wants to talk to you.” She helped him hold the phone to his ear.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi Peanut. How are you?


“Why don’t you tell Daddy what you did today, like a big boy?” Tori suggested.

When Stevie didn’t respond immediately, Richie prompted him. “What did you do?”

“Poo ped in the potty!”

“That’s my boy! You keep that up and we’ll be able to get rid of those Pull-Ups and get some big boy underwear.”

“If you’re done toilet training, can we get to work please?” Jon called.

“I gotta go Peanut. Uncle Jon’s ready to get to work.”

“Me talk Tunca Jon?”

“Hang on.” Richie held the phone out to his brother-in-law.

“Hi Stevie. How’s my main man?”

“Good. Mama say for you to...what Mama?  Oh...chill.”

“Well, you tell your mama that the sooner Daddy gets to work the sooner I can chill.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Richie took back his phone. “Angel?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I take it Jon’s cracking the whip?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you later. Give Sweetpea a kiss for me. Love you.”

“Love you too. Have a good show.”

“He’s talking really well.” Jon observed as his wingman hung up.

“Yeah.  He’s growing up fast.”

“So have another one.”

Richie turned his head to hide his smile and reached for a guitar.

A couple days later they were back at the hotel after the show.

“Hey Chuck, you coming to the bar for a drink?” David asked as they loaded into the elevator – all except for Jon, who was talking to Paul.

“No, I’m going to call my wife before she goes to bed, then head there myself.”

They heard Jon yell as the doors started to close and Tico stuck out his hand to hold them open.

“Thanks.” Jon nodded as the doors closed behind him. “You guys going to the bar for a drink?”

“We are, but Chuck’s not. He’s got a phoner with his wife.  Or was that a boner for his wife? Or maybe the boner is why he needs to do the phoner?”

Richie stared at him. Jon shook his head. “You are one twisted piece of fuck Shirley.”

Tori lay in her big, empty bed, stared at the vibrator her husband had bought for her and wished he was there instead. When the phone rang she flung a hand out to grab it. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. Did I wake you?”

“No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“What’s wrong?” He responded to the note he could hear in her voice.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Angel.” The warning was clear.

Damn man won’t even let me wallow in hormones! She sighed. “I just miss you. This huge bed is cold and lonely without you.” She grimaced. “And I’m horny and your ‘mommy’s little helper’ isn’t getting the job done.”

“I think I’ve come up with a way to help with that.”


“Mmmhmm. I want you to lay down and get comfortable.”

“I already am.”

“Good. Now...close your eyes and just listen to my voice.” He lowered his voice to a low murmur. “Feel my hot breath in your ear as I tell you how your body feels to my touch and what I’m going to do to you. Feel my teeth nipping your earlobe and my lips nuzzling along your neck. Can you feel it?”


“How do your breasts feel tonight?”

“Umm...sensitive, but not sore.”

“Good.  Now take your hand and run your fingers lightly over the creamy curves, but avoid the nipples. Then cup each one and massage it. Now lick the tip of your index finger and rub it around your nipple until it stands up hard and proud.” He was gratified to hear her soft moan. “I take it by that moan that your body is responding. Place your palm so that you can feel that hard tip spearing into the centre. Rub in a circle.” He paused a few moments. “Use your thumb and index finger to pinch that proud peak. You’ll know how hard.”

“Mmmm....Richie!” She gasped.

“That’s it. Now do the same to your other breast.” He listened to her breathing get heavier. “Now smooth your palm over your stomach. Rub very lightly in a circular motion, and dip a fingertip into your navel and swirl it around. Let your hand slide between your legs and stroke the thick lips. Are you wet for me?”

“Yes.” The word came out on a sigh.

“Rub your middle finger along that wet slit. Again and again and again. Is your clit throbbing?”


“Good. Rub it with your finger....use your juices for lubrication. It’s just like my tongue isn’t it? Feel my tongue lapping at you, over and over, teasing that nub. Feel my lips closing around it and suckling.”

“Oh God!” She was panting now.

“That’s it, let go angel, let the wave take you.”


He could picture how she looked with her orgasm pouring through her. That visual and the moaning breaths coming through the phone line had his arousal increasing. He reached down, closed his hand around his hardening shaft and stroked, slowly and lightly. “Now pick up the vibrator, turn it on low and run it along your slit. Cover it with the juices I know are flowing from your body. God I wish I was there to taste them!” He swallowed heavily and refocused. “That’s not a toy in your hand, it’s me. Put me inside you angel. Feel me penetrate you nice and you can feel each inch. Feel me stretching you....filling you.” His voice had deepened even more and turned gravelly. “Can you feel me?”

“I...I...God yes!”

“That’s it baby, take some more...take it all!” He had to pause to lick lips gone suddenly dry. “You feel so good! So tight. God I love being inside you!” He tightened his grip and slowly pumped his aching shaft. “What do you want angel?”


“Pull me in deeper then. Let me reach that spot that makes you cream.”

Tori pushed the vibrator deeper and her body spasmed, the images he evoked in that deep dark voice shredding whatever passed for control in her hormone filled tissues. “Oh...oh...OH GOD!”

Richie gave her a few moments to recover then spoke. “If I was there beside you, what would you do to me angel?”

Tori licked her lips and tried to gather her thoughts to answer him. “I’d start with those luscious full lips that I can never get enough of. I’d lick and nibble and send my tongue between them to dance with yours. Do you like it when I do that?”

“I’ll take as much as you can give of that sweetness.”

“Then I’d move on to your chest, exploring and caressing first with my hands, then with my mouth, tasting every inch.”

He growled. “Move me inside you while you talk angel.”

“Not sure I can talk then, but I’ll try.” The statement was followed by a low moan as she followed his instructions.

“After my chest...what’s next?”

“Next is the treasure trail. The pathway to heaven. I’d follow it with my lips and tongue all the way to the vee and the prize waiting for me.” She decided to try a little of his style of torture. “Feel my fingers stroking your shaft up and down, pausing every now and then to cup and fondle your sac, stretching that soft skin. Feel my hand closing around you and pumping you over and over....and over.” She shivered at the sensations shooting through her, but was determined to finish him. “I want to taste you. Feel my tongue slither over your length to lap at your swollen tip. Your skin there is so incredibly soft while the rest of your erection is so hard. I can’t get enough of the contrast. Just like I can’t get enough of the pearls of fluid that ooze out of your slit. It’s all I can do to fit even part of you in my mouth. I love the salty-sweet taste of you!”

“Jesus angel!” It was all he could do to get the words out.

“Take me Richie. Fill me. I need feel you pounding into me!”

“Fuck!” Richie almost lost it. “Whatever you need angel. Take it. As fast and as hard as you can.” The sounds she made were a sweet torture. “That’s it angel! It’s me fucking you...harder...deeper.”

“Oh God! Mmm..yes....yes....Richie oh my God Yes! RICHIE!!”

“Yes angel....Fuck yes....TORI!”

It took several moments before they could speak.

“Jesus angel! That was incredible! What happened to you being shy about phone sex?”

Tori chuckled as she slid the vibrator out. “Chalk it up to pregnancy hormone horniness.” She was still panting for breath. “It was great, but I still like the real thing best.”

“I’m not arguing, but since it will be another week before I’m home, I’ll take that every chance I get!” He wiped himself with a tissue and tossed it in the garbage. “Think you can sleep now?”

“Mmmm. And probably dream of you.” She yawned.

“Ditto.” He yawned too. “Night angel. Sleep well. Kiss the kids for me. I love you.”

“Love you too.” She could barely stay awake long enough to hang up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 11

All too soon it was time for Richie to head back out on the road. Tori sat on the bed with the little ones, watching him pack. Occasionally, she got up to get something he was looking for, but mostly she sat and watched him. He was still a better packer than she was and knew what he needed, although she would never understand how he could be away for weeks and only need three pairs of shoes – one for the stage, one for the gym and one for everyday.
While he packed, they talked and played with the kids. Richie shot glances at his wife. Something wasn’t quite right. Oh she laughed and talked like she always did, but there was aura of sadness surrounding her...that wasn’t normal. Sure they felt the separations, but they were used to them. She actually looked like she was on the verge of tears! He hoped it was just her hormones and not something more serious.

Tori felt a sudden wave of emotion and jumped up. “Your shaving case. I’ll get it.” In the bathroom she took a moment to scold her reflection in the mirror. Stop it! This isn’t the first time he’s had to leave and it won’t be the last. You’re a fan as well as his wife and understood his lifestyle before you married him. And since when did you cry about something like this? It’s not as if he’s leaving forever! Get a hold of yourself! Damn hormones....STOP IT!

Richie frowned and followed her into the bathroom. “Angel? What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”

She managed a wry smile, although her lips were pressed into a thin line. “I feel fine.” She shrugged. “It’s just....hormones. I’m sorry.”

This could go two ways, depending on what he said, and the edge in her voice warned him to be careful. If he pushed her to tell him what she was feeling she might think he thought she was weak or clingy...or nuts...and get pissed...or she could burst into tears. On the other hand, if he downplayed it she might think he didn’t care or was sloughing it off and....same result. Face it man, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Deciding a non-response was best, he simply wrapped his arms around her and held her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She tilted her head back to look at him – or more to the point, his lips. “Is it nap time yet?”

Richie gave a low chuckle and dropped a kiss on her lips. “Not yet. Soon angel.”

Tori sighed and leaned her forehead on his chest. “What am I going to do while you’re gone? You know what the hormones do to me at this stage.”

He rested his chin on her head and rubbed her arms. “There are ways to see to your needs, even when I’m not here. You know what Shirley would say.”

“Uh huh.”

“Phone sex.” They said the words in unison and laughed.

After a few moments silence, he took a chance. “Angel....the other day....when you were....upset...” He stuttered, trying to choose his words carefully. “I know you didn’t mean....but...there’s usually a grain of truth...” A slender finger on his lips halted his words.

“I don’t....resent you being away when you’re on tour, really I don’t. I miss you, but I’m a fan and I understand and accept the demands of your job.”


“But nothing, I’m fine.”


“Richie I’m fine.”

“Come on Tori, we don’t do this, remember? Talk to me.”

She still hesitated, but he was right. After their near disaster they’d promised each other that they would be completely open and honest. “If anything, I guess I feel....left out...sometimes. I remember what it was like on the road, and sometimes I.....miss it – not the living out of a suitcase and constantly being on the move – but the adventures and the camaraderie and the laughs and the shows...”

“And performing?”

“Maybe a little.” She allowed. “Sometimes – especially when you tell me about some stunt Shirley pulled or some new spot you guys found – and I’m here with the kids...” she sighed and shrugged. “I feel a little envious. But I love our children and wouldn’t want to be away from them.” She gave herself a mental shake. “Ignore me. Hormones are making me feel a little sorry for myself.” She kissed him. “Go and do your thing and make the fans scream. And don’t let Shirley talk you into doing anything that will get you into trouble.”

“He stopped that when he hooked up with Charlie. You narc on him and he’s in the spare room.”

“I do not ‘narc’ on him! I talk to my best friend about a stupid stunt my husband the urging of one of his best friends. The fact that my friend happens to be his wife – who then has a...discussion... with her husband regarding his behaviour is just a bonus.”

“Glad I’m smart enough to stay on your good side.” He smirked at her raised eyebrow. “You’re a’re scary when you’re crossed.” He sobered. “But seriously angel, anytime you want to come out, all you have to do is say the word. Rosa and Cathy will look after the kids – or we can hire a nanny – or you can bring them with you or any combination you feel most comfortable with.” He searched her gaze. “I just want you to be as happy as you make me and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

The tears started again. “Thank you and you do. I’m fine honey, really.”

“Daddy! ‘Oren pulling out your shirts!”

“I swear that child can’t be left alone for a second!” Tori pulled out of his arms. “She must get that from you.”

Richie watched her leave the bathroom to rescue his shirts, sighed and followed her. Dealing with a Bongiovi was never easy. They lived so much in their own heads it wasn’t always easy to figure out what was going on. On the other hand, it was never boring either.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you to the airport?” Tori asked again as Richie carried his suitcases down the stairs.

“No, stay here with the kids. I’ll take a towncar.” He crouched down to Stevie’s level to give him a hug. “See ya later Peanut. I love you.”

“Bye Daddy. You tome home soon?”

“Three weeks. Mommy will help you count it on the calendar.” Rising he took Lauren from her mother. “See ya Sweetpea. I love you.” He kissed her cheek and gave her a squeeze before setting her down beside her brother.  Reaching out he carefully enfolded Tori in his arms.

She winced, but didn’t protest, and didn’t move away. In fact, she clung. “Have fun and break a leg. I’ll miss you. I love you.”

“I’ll miss you too angel. Make sure you take care of yourself. Call me when you need to.” He captured her lips and kissed her...thoroughly....deeply. When it ended he brushed his lips over her ear. “When the....hunger...gets to be too much, look in my bedside table drawer. I left you a little something that should help.” Leaning back he met her eyes and winked. “Call me if you need any help. Love you.”

“Goof!” She slapped his shoulder lightly.

He kissed them all once more and was gone.

Tori waved him off, shut the door and sighed. It was going to be a long three weeks.

A couple hours later the phone rang. Tori glanced at the display and smiled. David must have left to meet the guys. The girls had an agreement. When the band was on tour and the men came home on a break, the girls didn’t call each other and disturb family time.

“Hey there! How are you feeling?”

“Nauseous, bloated, irritable and wonderful. How are you?” Karin replied.

Tori was tempted to tell her, but she couldn’t make Richie wait and then tell her own best friend. So she settled on part of the truth. “Tired and a little sad.”

“Kids still sick?”

“No, they seem to be over it. I haven’t quite recovered as quickly. How did Passover go?”

“Crazy as usual around here. Flo and Michelle came for dinner and cooked – thank God! I’m learning, but I haven’t quite got the Seder recipes down yet. Then on Sunday my goofball of a husband and stepson dressed up in rabbit costumes and ran – or rather hopped – around the backyard dropping chocolate eggs. Then they came inside and hopped around the main floor, stopping every few feet to.....shit jellybeans!”

“You realize you’re going to give birth to a Marx brother.” Tori chuckled at the groan that came down the line. “So how did the ultrasound go?”

“The doctor says everything looks good and I’m on track for delivery around the end of October.”

“Hallowe’en. How appropriate.”


“So now for the million dollar question. How many munchkins are you adding to the Lollipop Guild?”

“Just one.”

“Well, if the rest of them are anything to judge by, that’ll keep you plenty busy.”

“That’s an understatement! I don’t know how you deal with three!”

“I have Rosa and Cathy. Plus I’m only married to Dean, not Jerry.”

“But yours have the Bongiovi temper to go with it.”


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chapter 10

Easter Sunday started early for Tori. Even so, by the time she finished in the bathroom – both her own needs and those brought on by the fetus growing inside her – Richie had already gotten up. She found him in the kitchen, stuffing the turkey. The rest of the family was there as well – Joan was peeling potatoes while Ava fed Lauren and kept an eye on Stevie and his scrambled eggs.  She noted their presence and what they were doing, but her eyes, and attention were drawn to her husband. It was always like that. He was her lodestone, a lure to her senses. She wondered briefly if it would always be that way or if it would fade over time. The independent side of her howled that it wasn’t necessary, she was fully capable of looking after herself. The romantic side of her didn’t disagree, but pointed out that it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, which effectively silenced the howl.
“Good morning. Happy Easter.” She greeted them, kissing the kids and Joan on her way to Richie. “Everyone’s up early.”

“Happy Eater Mama.” Stevie replied. “Bean said bunny left eggs, but Daddy said wait for you.” He twisted until he could see his father. “We find eggs now?”

“Let Mommy have some breakfast first. Then you can hunt for the eggs.” Richie assured him.


Tori reached up to kiss him, then leaned her head against his shoulder, one hand rubbing his back. “Thank you.”

“For what? Waiting for you or for battling this turkey by myself without you having to bludgeon me into it?”

“All of it. For everything.” She kissed him again. “I love you.”

“I love you too angel. Eat if you can. I don’t know how long I can hold Peanut off.”

Armed with baskets, Stevie, Ava, and Tori, with Lauren in her arms searched for the eggs that Richie had hidden on the main floor of the house the night before. Joan watched and counted the take. Richie handed out the prizes.

Then the kids played while the adults rested before continuing the preparations for dinner. Joan held Lauren on her lap and read to her, sending a sympathetic look towards Tori who sat with cold compresses on her breasts. “How bad is it?”

“Bearable, as long as nothing touches them. I’m hoping that by putting up with a little more pain I can shorten the time frame.” Her lips twisted wryly and she shot a glance towards Ava to make sure she wouldn’t hear her. “Just in time to start all over again. The poor things will never be the same.”

Joan chuckled and patted her knee. “Probably not. They never are. But you’ll still be beautiful. And I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints.”

“Joan!” Tori stared at her mother-in-law in shock. “I can’t believe you just said that!”

“Why does every generation think they invented sex?” Joan sighed. “I may be old, but I’m not dead. And I remember what it was like to want your husband to like what he sees when you’re naked. I also know how I raised my son....and how much like his father he is. Believe me, Tori nothing nature or accident might do to your body will diminish your attractiveness in Richie’s eyes.”

“Love overlooks physical flaws?”

“Something like that.  Besides, it’s all a part of life and having a family.”

“Unfortunately, this town doesn’t think of things that way. They expect you to look your best at all times....with or without surgical help. Speaking of which,” she raised her voice to get Ava’s attention. “Bean when are your mother and Jack coming?”

Ava barely glanced up from her phone. “About three or so.” 

Joan stifled a snort. “You’re bad.” Her lips twitched. “But at least you’re honest.”

Tori just grinned and shrugged. She got along well with her husband’s ex-wife – now- but there were still times when she felt a little like the ugly duckling around her. Being tired, hormonal and facing the ballooning of her body yet again was one of those times.

Dinner was a typical family affair. Everyone was friendly and pleasant. Even Lauren only complained briefly when presented with a bottle before settling down and letting her Nana feed her. There was only one moment when Richie thought they were going to be in trouble. When Tori reached for the sour cream, about to spread it on her turkey, he thought for sure their secret would be out. But a warning squeeze of her thigh under the table brought her attention to what she was doing and she redirected the cream to her potato.

Later that night, Richie checked the locks and peeked in at his sleeping children, yawned and headed for his own bed. He found his wife in the closet, standing in front of the full length mirror, naked, her nightshirt clenched in one hand. While he undressed he watched her study her reflection and heard her sigh heavily.

“What do you think about me getting implants after the baby’s born and weaned?”

Richie folded his clothes while he debated his answer. “If it’s something that you really want to do – for you – then fine. But please don’t do it on my account.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t want me to? That you wouldn’t like it?”

He answered the disbelief in her tone as well as her questions. “No, I wouldn’t. Sure they look good, but they don’t feel right. They’re hard and they don’t move naturally.” Walking up behind her, he set his hands on her hips and met her gaze in the mirror. “You’re beautiful. You don’t need to change a thing.”

Tori snorted. “My body was finally getting back into shape and now it’s going to go all to pot again.”

“Do you want to know what I see when I look at you?” He ran his hands up and down her upper arms. “I see sparkling sapphire eyes that I love to drown in. I never understood why so many fans get all gooey over Jon’s eyes...until the day I met you. They’re mesmerizing and the most incredible shade of blue, with just enough lines at the corners to show that you’ve lived life, not just watched it pass by. I see skin that’s glowing and silky soft. I can’t stop touching it every chance I get. I see breasts, that, while maybe not as firm and perky as they used to be, have nourished my children and given me untold hours of pleasure.” He cupped them very lightly. “If they weren’t so sore and sensitive I’d show you exactly how.” Next his hands moved to cover her stomach. “I see where my children have grown and been nurtured in warmth and safety, until they were ready to face the world. Yes there may be a few stretch marks, but they are not blemishes, they are badges of motherhood....a sign of your fertility. I see an ass and legs that still make me turn my head whenever you walk by me, visualizing those legs wrapped around my waist, holding me tight while I plunder your hot core.” He kissed her neck and rested his chin on her shoulder, once again meeting her gaze in the mirror. “In short, I see the woman I want to see, naked, just as she is, every day for the rest of our lives. In my eyes you are perfect, just the way you are.”

Tori leaned back against him, tears rolling slowly down her cheeks. One hand rose to cup his cheek. “Thank you.”

Richie lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom where he laid her gently on the bed. Lying beside her, he then proceeded to caress the areas he’d talked about – except her breasts - with hands and mouth. His fingers coasted lightly over her skin, enjoying the softness and leaving goosebumps in his wake.

Next, he leaned down and retraced his path with his mouth. Lips, tongue, even teeth cruised over her body. He even dotted kisses over her swollen breast – very lightly - watching her face for any sign of discomfort. When he reached her thighs, he spread them wide and settled in between. Long fingers stroked and teased, spreading her juices over her tissues before dipping his head to lick them off.

Tori gasped at the rasp of his tongue over her ultra-sensitive flesh.  Sparks shot from her core, melting her more. And Richie happily lapped it up. As her peak approached, Tori slid her fingers into his hair and clenched, her thighs tightened, holding him to her.

Richie speared her with his tongue, driving deep and wiggling, pushing her over the edge. Ignoring her spasms, he pushed her knees flat to the bed, opening her completely to him and continued to feast.

“Oh God! Richie! Mmmm.” Tori bit her lip and groaned as her body geared up again.

As a second orgasm rocketed through her body, Richie held on and rode it out. When it subsided, he raised his head to judge her state. The hands in his hair tightened and she pulled him back down. His low chuckle as he obliged vibrated against her throbbing clit, increasing her arousal even more.

The next time she came he decided it was his turn. Rising to his knees, he pulled her closer and entered her slowly. He leaned forward, bracing himself on his arms to make sure he didn’t touch her sore breasts and rocked against her, into her, repeatedly.

Tori closed her eyes, gripped his sides and focussed on feeling the slide of his body into hers, the ebb and flow teaching her the rhythm, urging her to join. She lifted one hand to cup the back of his neck, pulling him down for a deep kiss.

Richie matched the thrusting of his tongue to that of his erection, driving her slowly, but determinedly to yet another peak, swallowing her scream as she crested, savouring the feel of her sheath clutching him, dragging him with her into ecstasy.

After he’d withdrawn and rolled onto his back to avoid hurting her, they both stayed silent for a few minutes, panting for breath, hands clasped. Finally, Tori rolled onto her side facing away from him and tugged until he spooned behind her, his arm over her waist holding her close.

“That was incredible! Thank you honey. I love you.”

Richie kissed his spot beneath her ear and gave her a squeeze. “Believe me angel it was my pleasure. I love you too.”