Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 13

Early afternoon a week later, a tired group of rockstars walked through the door.

“Bela!! We’re home!  BELA!”

“Jeez Shirley! You’d better hope the kids aren’t napping or she’ did Dot put it to me?” Richie glanced at Jon. “Have your guts for garters?”

“She doesn’t scare me....much.” David replied.

“DADDY!” Running footsteps accompanied the yell. Stevie ran into the foyer and straight to his father.

“Hi Peanut!” Richie bent to scoop his son up in his arms. “I’ve missed you! Have you been good for Mommy?”

“Uh huh. I hep ped Mama and Juan put flowers in dirt.”

“That’s a good boy. Where are your sisters?” Richie asked as he set him down to let him greet his uncles.

“Bean at kool, Seetpea gettin pants changed.”

“Brace yourself Sweetpea, we’ve been invaded. Our peace and quiet is gone.” Tori descended the stairs, Lauren in her arms.

“Aw Bela you say that like you don’t like us.” David grinned at her.

“What makes you so sure I do Shirley?”

“Because I married your best friend.”

“Which means I have to tolerate you...I don’t have to like you.” The twinkle in her eyes assured him she was joking.

David grabbed his heart. “You wound me sweetheart.”

“Yeah, yeah, I can see the tears. Let me find you a lollipop.” She greeted Jon, Tico and Hugh with a kiss on the cheek. When Richie reached for Lauren, she stopped him. “Wait! Stand there.” Standing about three feet away she set the baby on her feet. “Walk to Daddy Sweetpea.”

Richie crouched down and held out his hands, tears filling his eyes when his daughter toddled towards him, unsteady but determined. When she reached him he gathered her close. “You’re walking! What a big girl!”

Tori watched her husband and their daughter, her own eyes dampening. She cleared her throat. “You guys make yourselves at home. Rich, can you help me with something upstairs please?”

“Sure angel.” Richie handed Lauren to Jon, much to her delight, picked up his bags and followed his wife upstairs.

“Oh Uncle Jon, there’s a bottle in the kitchen Rosa will warm for you so you can to try and get someone to take an n-a-p.”

“What makes you think I’d want to...” Jon gave up at the sight of his sister’s knowing look. “Fine. Come on Lauren. Your Mama’s a pain in my butt. Are you thirsty?”

“Tunca Teek, you pay blocks with me?” Stevie tugged on Tico’s hand.

“Sure buddy.”

“Don’t you want me to play too?” David pouted.

Stevie considered him. “’Kay. But no knock over dis time kay?”

Tori smiled, knowing her children were in safe hands – and Tico would protect Stevie from Shirley, and she could concentrate on her own needs...and her husband.

In their bedroom, she led him into the large closet/dressing room. He frowned at the body pillow lying on his half of the bed, and...

“What the hell is that?”


“Did you put my t-shirt on that damn pillow?”

“Yes, and put some of your cologne on him too.” Tori grinned. “Now when I cuddle with him he feels and smells like you.”

“I feel like a pillow?”

“Well, you’re a harder than him, but just as comforting.”

It angel, not him.”

“Yes, dear.” She bit back a smile and tugged on his hand. “Come on.” 

As soon as he was through the door of the dressing room, she closed it and flipped the lock.

Richie raised a brow at her as he set his bags down, his dark eyes twinkling. “What’s up?”

“Hopefully you are.” Tori replied as she reached for the hem of her t-shirt, lifted it over her head and tossed it aside.  The rest of her clothes quickly followed. Grasping the waistband of his jeans, she backed up until her back hit the door, tugging him along with her. “Come here and greet your wife properly.”

“I gotta say angel, I’m liking this kind of greeting.”

“Then quit standing there leering at me and give me what I need!”

He chuckled. “I take it you’re a little hungry.”

“Starving.” She answered almost absently, her attention focused on opening his pants. Frustrated with his stubborn belt buckle, she growled and glared up at him. “Are you going to help or just stand there smirking and watching me struggle until I combust in a cloud of hormones?”

“Do you need help? I thought you were teasing me.”

“Richie!” Tori yanked harder and gave a satisfied grunt when his belt finally came undone.

Richie sucked in his breath - and his stomach – as his pants opened beneath agile fingers and her slender hand slipped inside to cup him over his underwear. He noted her slight frown. “Your motor’s revving at a higher speed these days angel. Give me a minute to catch up.”

But waiting wasn’t on Tori’s agenda.  She’d been waiting a long time for him to be home to take care of her needs and they had a house full of people...and limited time. So she decided to deal with the situation on her own. And she knew a sure fire way of accelerating his libido. She dropped to her knees, taking his pants and underwear with her.

“Jesus angel!” The words were torn from him by the heat of her mouth closing around the tip of his erection. That, and the teasing strokes of her fingers had him rapidly swelling to his full size.

For long minutes, Tori lost herself in the taste of him. Her tongue swirled around the now throbbing head and she suckled lightly. But the pulsing of her own flesh brought her attention back to the matter at hand...or in her hand...or her mouth...whatever.  Standing again, she reached up to touch her lips to his, gripped his hips and tugged him closer. “Take me Richie. I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel you inside!”

Richie’s hands came up to cup and fondle her breasts, watching her face for any signs of discomfort, his senses perking up even more when he saw none. “No pain? So I get my favourite toys back!”

She slapped his hands away and ignored his pout. “You can play with those later, with my full blessing, but right now you need to do your husbandly duty!”

He sighed. “Jeez, you’re so demanding.”

Tori wasn’t fooled. His dark eyes were hot and twinkling and his erection was bumping impatiently against her stomach. “You like it when I’m demanding – at least in the bedroom.”

“ do you want it?”

“Hard, fast...and up against this door.”

“Yes dear.” Lips twitching, he wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her. As her legs wrapped around him he positioned himself and filled her with a slow steady thrust. The relieved sigh she exhaled turned the twitch into a smirk. “That do it for ya?”

Sapphire eyes narrowed and glittered ominously. She looped her hands around his neck. “Do you know what happens to husbands who tease their pregnant, hormonal wives?” She kissed him lightly.


His obvious amusement had her eyes narrowing even more. “They get hurt!” She sucked his full bottom lip into her mouth and bit down....hard.”

“OW!” He licked his lip, but didn’t taste any blood. “Okay, okay. I get the message.”

“Good. Now, how are you going to answer it?”

Arms supporting her under her hips, he pressed her against the door more firmly. “By giving you want you want of course. Never say I’m not a generous, considerate husband.”

Her chuckle was choked off by the strength of his thrust. And she never completely got her breath back. Between the feel of his shaft penetrating her repeatedly, finally....finally easing the ache and longing that was always present to some degree when he was on the road, and his mouth doing all the teasing, tantalizing things he was so good at to her mouth and neck, she was barely coherent enough to hang onto him and suck in enough oxygen not to pass out. Anything else was way beyond her. All she could do was cling to him and enjoy the ride.

“” Each growled word was punctuated by a hard thrust.

“Yes.” Tori tightened her grip on his neck and waist and buried her face in the hollow between his neck and his shoulder. Inhaling his familiar scent, she absorbed his thrusts and revelled in the sensations bombarding her body. “Yes. Yes. Yes. God yes!”

When her orgasm crashed down on her, Tori couldn’t scream...she could barely breathe. “Mmmmmm.”

Feeling her channel vice around him, Richie let go and followed her over the edge. “Fuck angel!”

It took several minutes before they could move and breathe without gasping. After cleaning up and getting dressed again they headed downstairs to see what Tico and the kids – big and little – were up to.

They found them all in the living room, Tico, Hugh and David on the floor with Stevie playing with his blocks, Jon on the couch, a sleeping Lauren in his arms.

“You could have put her in her bed you know.” Tori pointed out to her brother.

“I was afraid of what I might hear if I went upstairs and I figured she didn’t need to be exposed to that at her age.” Jon eyed his wingman. “Feel better now?”

“I don’t know about him, but I certainly do.” Tori shot back, grinning when Jon grimaced at that disclosure.

“TMI sis!”

Tori just laughed and patted his shoulder.

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  1. great chapter. too funny the pillow wearing richie's the way you write the bits between jon and tori.