Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 12

“How are you feeling today?”

“Not too bad. I think my breasts are finally starting to subside.”

“Not sure if that’s good or bad.”

“I’ll be glad when this tour is over. You need to get away from Shirley.”

The low chuckle echoing down the phone line sent shivers down her spine to settle as a slow throb low in her pelvis. “Are you sleeping any better?”

“Not really. You know I never sleep as well alone. I may have to break out Bernie.”

Richie sighed. “Replaced by a pillow.”

“Not just a pillow, an incredibly comfortable body pillow. And it’s only temporary.” Tori assured him. “Once you’re here for me to cuddle up with I won’t need least for a few more months.”

“How are the hunger pangs? Now there’s something Bernie can’t help you with.”

“Unfortunately, you’re not here to help me either.”

“What about the...helper...I left for you?”

Tori grimaced. “It takes the edge off, but it’s not as good as the real thing.”

“And neither is Bernie.  I still can’t believe you named the damn thing.” A knock on his dressing room door had Richie glancing up to see Rew pointing at his watch, then towards the stage. He nodded and stood.



“Good. Need to keep you on your toes.”

Richie snorted as he walked down the hallway towards the stage for soundcheck. “Like that’s ever been a problem for you.”

“Keeps life interesting though doesn’t it.”

“That it does angel. How are the kids?”

“All signs of illness are gone. And I think Lauren might start walking pretty soon. She pulled herself up against the coffee table this morning. ”

“Yeah? We’ll have to work on that when I’m home next.”

“Oh sure, that’s just what I need – two of them running around when my belly will soon be too big to chase them.” She sighed. “Good thing I have Ava to help. And tell my brother he’d better stop adding dates or he and I are going to have words!”

Richie climbed onto the stage and eyed Jon’s frown. “Uh, I think I’ll let you tell him that angel.”



“Mama? Me talk Daddy?”

“Hang on Rich, Peanut wants to talk to you.” She helped him hold the phone to his ear.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi Peanut. How are you?


“Why don’t you tell Daddy what you did today, like a big boy?” Tori suggested.

When Stevie didn’t respond immediately, Richie prompted him. “What did you do?”

“Poo ped in the potty!”

“That’s my boy! You keep that up and we’ll be able to get rid of those Pull-Ups and get some big boy underwear.”

“If you’re done toilet training, can we get to work please?” Jon called.

“I gotta go Peanut. Uncle Jon’s ready to get to work.”

“Me talk Tunca Jon?”

“Hang on.” Richie held the phone out to his brother-in-law.

“Hi Stevie. How’s my main man?”

“Good. Mama say for you to...what Mama?  Oh...chill.”

“Well, you tell your mama that the sooner Daddy gets to work the sooner I can chill.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Richie took back his phone. “Angel?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I take it Jon’s cracking the whip?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you later. Give Sweetpea a kiss for me. Love you.”

“Love you too. Have a good show.”

“He’s talking really well.” Jon observed as his wingman hung up.

“Yeah.  He’s growing up fast.”

“So have another one.”

Richie turned his head to hide his smile and reached for a guitar.

A couple days later they were back at the hotel after the show.

“Hey Chuck, you coming to the bar for a drink?” David asked as they loaded into the elevator – all except for Jon, who was talking to Paul.

“No, I’m going to call my wife before she goes to bed, then head there myself.”

They heard Jon yell as the doors started to close and Tico stuck out his hand to hold them open.

“Thanks.” Jon nodded as the doors closed behind him. “You guys going to the bar for a drink?”

“We are, but Chuck’s not. He’s got a phoner with his wife.  Or was that a boner for his wife? Or maybe the boner is why he needs to do the phoner?”

Richie stared at him. Jon shook his head. “You are one twisted piece of fuck Shirley.”

Tori lay in her big, empty bed, stared at the vibrator her husband had bought for her and wished he was there instead. When the phone rang she flung a hand out to grab it. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. Did I wake you?”

“No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“What’s wrong?” He responded to the note he could hear in her voice.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Angel.” The warning was clear.

Damn man won’t even let me wallow in hormones! She sighed. “I just miss you. This huge bed is cold and lonely without you.” She grimaced. “And I’m horny and your ‘mommy’s little helper’ isn’t getting the job done.”

“I think I’ve come up with a way to help with that.”


“Mmmhmm. I want you to lay down and get comfortable.”

“I already am.”

“Good. Now...close your eyes and just listen to my voice.” He lowered his voice to a low murmur. “Feel my hot breath in your ear as I tell you how your body feels to my touch and what I’m going to do to you. Feel my teeth nipping your earlobe and my lips nuzzling along your neck. Can you feel it?”


“How do your breasts feel tonight?”

“Umm...sensitive, but not sore.”

“Good.  Now take your hand and run your fingers lightly over the creamy curves, but avoid the nipples. Then cup each one and massage it. Now lick the tip of your index finger and rub it around your nipple until it stands up hard and proud.” He was gratified to hear her soft moan. “I take it by that moan that your body is responding. Place your palm so that you can feel that hard tip spearing into the centre. Rub in a circle.” He paused a few moments. “Use your thumb and index finger to pinch that proud peak. You’ll know how hard.”

“Mmmm....Richie!” She gasped.

“That’s it. Now do the same to your other breast.” He listened to her breathing get heavier. “Now smooth your palm over your stomach. Rub very lightly in a circular motion, and dip a fingertip into your navel and swirl it around. Let your hand slide between your legs and stroke the thick lips. Are you wet for me?”

“Yes.” The word came out on a sigh.

“Rub your middle finger along that wet slit. Again and again and again. Is your clit throbbing?”


“Good. Rub it with your finger....use your juices for lubrication. It’s just like my tongue isn’t it? Feel my tongue lapping at you, over and over, teasing that nub. Feel my lips closing around it and suckling.”

“Oh God!” She was panting now.

“That’s it, let go angel, let the wave take you.”


He could picture how she looked with her orgasm pouring through her. That visual and the moaning breaths coming through the phone line had his arousal increasing. He reached down, closed his hand around his hardening shaft and stroked, slowly and lightly. “Now pick up the vibrator, turn it on low and run it along your slit. Cover it with the juices I know are flowing from your body. God I wish I was there to taste them!” He swallowed heavily and refocused. “That’s not a toy in your hand, it’s me. Put me inside you angel. Feel me penetrate you nice and you can feel each inch. Feel me stretching you....filling you.” His voice had deepened even more and turned gravelly. “Can you feel me?”

“I...I...God yes!”

“That’s it baby, take some more...take it all!” He had to pause to lick lips gone suddenly dry. “You feel so good! So tight. God I love being inside you!” He tightened his grip and slowly pumped his aching shaft. “What do you want angel?”


“Pull me in deeper then. Let me reach that spot that makes you cream.”

Tori pushed the vibrator deeper and her body spasmed, the images he evoked in that deep dark voice shredding whatever passed for control in her hormone filled tissues. “Oh...oh...OH GOD!”

Richie gave her a few moments to recover then spoke. “If I was there beside you, what would you do to me angel?”

Tori licked her lips and tried to gather her thoughts to answer him. “I’d start with those luscious full lips that I can never get enough of. I’d lick and nibble and send my tongue between them to dance with yours. Do you like it when I do that?”

“I’ll take as much as you can give of that sweetness.”

“Then I’d move on to your chest, exploring and caressing first with my hands, then with my mouth, tasting every inch.”

He growled. “Move me inside you while you talk angel.”

“Not sure I can talk then, but I’ll try.” The statement was followed by a low moan as she followed his instructions.

“After my chest...what’s next?”

“Next is the treasure trail. The pathway to heaven. I’d follow it with my lips and tongue all the way to the vee and the prize waiting for me.” She decided to try a little of his style of torture. “Feel my fingers stroking your shaft up and down, pausing every now and then to cup and fondle your sac, stretching that soft skin. Feel my hand closing around you and pumping you over and over....and over.” She shivered at the sensations shooting through her, but was determined to finish him. “I want to taste you. Feel my tongue slither over your length to lap at your swollen tip. Your skin there is so incredibly soft while the rest of your erection is so hard. I can’t get enough of the contrast. Just like I can’t get enough of the pearls of fluid that ooze out of your slit. It’s all I can do to fit even part of you in my mouth. I love the salty-sweet taste of you!”

“Jesus angel!” It was all he could do to get the words out.

“Take me Richie. Fill me. I need feel you pounding into me!”

“Fuck!” Richie almost lost it. “Whatever you need angel. Take it. As fast and as hard as you can.” The sounds she made were a sweet torture. “That’s it angel! It’s me fucking you...harder...deeper.”

“Oh God! Mmm..yes....yes....Richie oh my God Yes! RICHIE!!”

“Yes angel....Fuck yes....TORI!”

It took several moments before they could speak.

“Jesus angel! That was incredible! What happened to you being shy about phone sex?”

Tori chuckled as she slid the vibrator out. “Chalk it up to pregnancy hormone horniness.” She was still panting for breath. “It was great, but I still like the real thing best.”

“I’m not arguing, but since it will be another week before I’m home, I’ll take that every chance I get!” He wiped himself with a tissue and tossed it in the garbage. “Think you can sleep now?”

“Mmmm. And probably dream of you.” She yawned.

“Ditto.” He yawned too. “Night angel. Sleep well. Kiss the kids for me. I love you.”

“Love you too.” She could barely stay awake long enough to hang up.

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