Monday, October 31, 2011

Chapter 49

After settling Stevie and Lauren in their beds, Joan announced she was going to have a nap too and disappeared into her room. As Tori continued down the hallway with Zachary, she noticed Richie was following her.

When she entered their bedroom and laid Zachary in his cradle and he was still behind her, she crooked a brow. “Going to join us?”

Richie shrugged. “Might as well. No fun being the only one awake.”

Her answering low chuckle was more like a purr that hit him square in the libido. Down boy. You’ve got thirty-seven more days before she’s ready for you again. He watched her start to strip off her clothes as she made for the bathroom. But maybe......

Tori stood under the hot spray wishing she could sink down into a steaming sea of bubbles, but she was under doctor’s orders. No baths for another few days. A cool draft blew over her, making her shiver, just before the curtain was pulled back and Richie stepped in.

The quality of the soft smile she threw over her shoulder at him only revved him up more. “You feeling dirty too?”

He rumbled low in his throat. “Mmmhmm. But I can’t do anything about that for a few more weeks. You said you wanted a relaxing shower. And I know a really good way to help you relax.”

“Yeah?  How?”

“Let me show you. In this case, actions will speak much louder than words.”  Reaching for her shampoo with one hand, he tugged her out of the spray with the other. He poured a small puddle into his palm, and worked it into her hair, quickly creating a lather. Her moan at the feel of his long fingers massaging her scalp told of her enjoyment. Full lips curved into a slight smile and he nudged her back under the spray to rinse, running his hands through her curls to aid in the removal of the suds.

After applying conditioner and leaving it to soak in, Richie picked up her puff, squirted it with shower gel, and with a few squeezes had a thick foam to work with.  He took his time spreading the refreshing froth across her shoulders and down her back and spending long moments circling the puff around the firm globes of her ass before moving along the length of her supple legs.

Keeping her back to him, he stepped closer and reached around her to work on her front. He started at her collarbone, sweeping the puff across and down, circling around and around her swollen breasts.

“Mmmmmm.” Tori sighed and leaned back against him.

“Like that?”

“Mmmmm. Feels good.”

For long minutes he let his hand idly roam her torso, sensitizing her skin and firing up her nerve endings. Finally, he drifted lower, sliding the puff lightly over the tender flesh between her legs. When her back arched, he froze. “Hurt?”

“No. I’m just....sensitive.”

He dropped the puff and caressed her with his fingers. “Better?”

Her hands clutched his legs. “Oooh. Jesus.”

“No, Richie. Son of Adam, not son of God.”

Tori’s choked laugh turned into a moan as a calloused fingertip found the nub of her clitoris....and rubbed. “Mmmm. Whoever you are, this feels like heaven.”

“So you don’t want me to stop then?” He lifted his hand.

She grabbed it and pushed it back where it was. “Stop and you’ll be sorry.”

His chuckle vibrated against her ear even as his finger resumed rubbing. “Are you threatening your husband?”

“Not threat...oh!” She paused to swallow, a shudder racking her body. “That’s...a....promise! RICHIE!”

Somehow he thought the pleasure currently overwhelming her senses would make her forget her any threats or promises she was thinking of a few minutes ago. He kissed her temple and held her while she trembled.

As the world settle once more around her, she sighed. “Thank you.”

“I told you I knew how to help you relax.”

“Mmmm. What about you?” She could feel his erection poking her in the back.

“I’ll survive.”

“I know how to help with that.”

“I know you do. But I can wait. You need to rest.”

“I can’t rest knowing you’re in....discomfort.”  Before he could stop her, she turned to face him and slid to her knees.

“Angel, you don’t have....”

“Shush. I want to enjoy my pre-nap....snack.” Gripping his pulsing shaft at the base, she licked him like an ice cream cone. Over and over and around and around.


Glancing up, she noted his flushed face and clenched jaw. “What do you want?”

“Stop teasing.”

“Like this?” She cupped his sac with her other hand and massaged. At the same time she ran the tip of her tongue around the ridge and swollen crest.

Richie braced himself with his hands against the walls of the shower. “Fuck angel!”

“What do you want baby? You have to tell me.”

With eyes almost black with passion, he gazed down at her. When that devastating tongue came out to lick her lips, he almost lost it. “Suck me. Take me in your mouth and suck me.”

His head hit the wall with a thunk when she did exactly that. Closing his eyes he concentrated onholding on as long as he possible could and just absorbing the pleasure she seemed determined to drown him in. Lips, tongue, even teeth used to create the most exquisite sensations as her head moved back and forth, taking him in as deep as she could, then releasing him only to take him in again.

“Can’t take.....any....more.” He panted. “”

“Look at me.”

When he complied, Tori swiped her tongue over the weeping slit at his tip, then opened her mouth wide and took him in. And sucked as hard as she could.

The sight of her lips engulfing his flesh coupled with the suction was too much. “FUCK! Fuck...fuck..fuck.” The shout turned into a whispered litany as he erupted.

By the time he became aware of his surroundings again, Tori was rinsed of, out of the shower and drying off.  Picking up the hair dryer, she looked over and smirked at him. “Are you alive?  Need some help?”

“Mmm.” He grunted but didn’t move.

“Are you really going to nap with me?”

He nodded as he shut off the water. “I think I need the rest too. I’m feeling.....drained.”

Tori’s eyes roamed the long length of his body. Smiling in appreciation of what she saw, she licked her lips. “Strange, I’m feeling...full...and very relaxed.”

Richie’s groan was drowned out by the sound of her hairdryer. The thick towel passing over his skin went largely unnoticed, his attention fixated on the brush, then her fingers running through her hair, lifting it to allow the warm air to reach underneath.

Setting aside the dryer, Tori noticed him staring. “What?”

“I love your hair.”

“Thanks.” She stretched up to kiss him. “Come on or the kids will be awake and we’ll lose our nap time.”

“Ma will keep an eye on them.”

“I know, but they’re our responsibility. I don’t want to take advantage of her. Besides, Zachary’s going to wake up in a couple hours wanting to eat.”

He followed her into the bedroom, crawled under the covers and gathered her close, sighing in satisfaction.

Tori chuckled at the sound, her fingers idly tracing patterns on his chest. She’d missed this too. “Okay, I agree. It’s more comfortable without two toddlers in between us.”

Late that afternoon they got a phone call from Mike.

“They were transporting Jasmine to the hospital for a psych evaluation. A collision close by had the guard looking away for just a second. She escaped.”


  1. Nice. There is always .....a way.... I could almost feel them relaxing as they got to bed then the immediate tension when Mike called.

  2. I loved the chapter, up to the point where they got the phone call from Mike. Why ruin the moment! UGH! I guess that's why it's called a freaking cliffhanger!

    I wouldn't mind a shower like that though! :P

  3. Just as they were beginning to relax a little.