Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 54

On the drive home Richie was quiet and distracted. Tori left him alone for awhile, then finally tried to get him to talk.

“What’cha thinking about?”

He sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “Ava.”

“Ava in particular, or your girls growing up in general?”

He shot her a look. “You’re annoying, you know that?”

Her chuckle echoed around the interior of the Hummer. “Why? Because I know how your mind works?”

He wrinkled his nose at her, which only made her laugh harder. “Brat.”

“Don’t worry Daddy. Both of your girls will be just fine.”

“I’m not worried about Sweetpea - much.  If any guy tries any shit with her, she’ll kick his ass.” His lips twisted. “She reminds me a lot of Stephanie already.”

Tori couldn’t argue the point. Jon always tried to say that Stephanie’s independent attitude and self-preservation skills came from Dorothea, but he was only half right. The other half was pure Bongiovi.

“You don’t have to worry about Ava either. She’s a very smart girl. She’s not impulsive. She tends to think things through very carefully before she jumps in to something.”

“I know, I know. And I know that she talks to you when she’s not sure or needs advice. But I’m going to worry. I can’t help it. She’s my baby girl.”

And Daddy’s a big softie. And no matter what he said now, she knew he was going to have the same worries when Lauren hit the teenage years. “You’ll survive. I’ll help you.”

When they reached the house, Richie parked in front of the door instead of going into the garage. At Tori’s raised brow, he just grunted. “Tyler will need a ride home.”

She had the feeling he meant sooner rather than later.

Inside, the found Ava and Tyler on the couch watching TV, Zachary asleep in his bassinet on the floor.

“Happy New Year. How’d it go?” Tori asked. “Did Zachary take the bottle okay?”

“Happy New Year. He fought it at first, but I managed to talk him into it.” Ava grinned. “I played him a little of Daddy’s music. Worked like a charm.”

Tori laughed. “For some reason babies seem to like it.”

“Babes of all ages like it.” Richie smirked.

“Maybe I should become a musician.” Tyler quipped, earning a swat and an eyeroll from his girlfriend. “What?”

“You’d have to learn to play an instrument first and you can’t sing.” Ava retorted.

“What? No musical ability?” Tori looked shocked. “That’s it. You can’t be part of this family.”

“I’ll learn!” Tyler promised.

When Richie and Tyler had left, Tori eyed Ava. “How did it really go?”

Ava didn’t pretend she didn’t know what her stepmother was referring to – and it wasn’t the babysitting. “Pretty good actually. Sweetpea loved him. She wanted him to read her bed time story. And he built a skyscraper with Peanut.” She frowned.  “He was uncomfortable with Chickpea though.”

“Men often are. They just don’t know how to handle babies that small. They’re afraid they’ll hurt them. They get better the more they’re around them.” Tori assured her. “So....there’s potential there?”

“Maybe. We’ll see.” Ava shrugged. “Anyway, I’m tired. Going to bed. Nite.”

“Nite Bean and thanks for babysitting.”

Richie returned to find everyone upstairs in their rooms. Locking the door, he shut off all the lights and followed.

Tori was just finishing feeding Zachary when Richie walked into the room. She’d taken off her dress and bra, but still wore her panties and garters.

His body stirred at the sight. Down boy. You still have a few weeks to wait. Watching her bend to put the baby back in his cradle and reach for the nipple cream didn’t help calm his libido. Without even being aware of moving, he found himself beside her. He reached out and took the tube of cream from her hand. At her raised brows, he gestured for her to lie down.

Tori read the expression in her husband’s eyes and obligingly stretched out, raising her arms to rest them above her head, a smirk curving her lips.

Her pose did nothing to ease the hardening of his body. But even knowing he couldn’t do what he really wanted to do to her, he couldn’t resist. Sitting on the side of the bed, he squeezed some cream onto his fingers and gently rubbed it into her nipple, gritting his teeth when it hardened at his touch.

Moaning softly, Tori closed her eyes and arched her back as his hand moved to her other breast. God how she wished they could take their play to its logical conclusion!  Her libido seemed to be recovering faster this time, but her body wasn’t keeping up. She’d just have to be satisfied with half a loaf.

The sounds she was making – not to mention the undulations of her body - were driving him crazy! Lowering his body over hers, he braced himself on his elbows and bent to capture her lips with his.

Senses rapidly deserting her with every nibble, every lick, every thrust of his tongue, Tori lowered her arms to clench her hands in the silk of his shirt. Before her control vanished completely, she forced her mind to concentrate long enough to tell her fingers to find a way through the offending material that separated her skin from his. Buttons slipped rapidly from their moorings beneath her determined hands.

Richie sucked in a ragged breath, his muscles twitching as her nails scraped lightly over his chest and stomach. When she reached his waist, undoing his pants and reaching inside, he couldn’t find the will to stop her. Her fingers wrapped around him and all he could do was flex his hips, sliding his length along her skin.

Finally, on the verge of going over the edge, he pulled her hand away and broke the kiss, trailing open mouth kisses over her cheek and down her neck. He kept his lips pressed against her skin as he slid down her body, cruising over the swollen mounds of her breasts, dropping light kisses on the sensitive tips. He kissed, licked and nipped his way over her stomach, taking his time in an unconscious effort to show her he didn’t care that it wasn’t flat anymore, she was still beautiful to him.

When he reached her garter belt, he skipped over it, spreading her legs apart to nuzzle the warm skin of her inner thigh and groan. “Why do you torture me with these?”

It took a minute for her pleasure fogged brain to process the question. She reached down to slide her fingers into his hair and chuckled breathlessly. “Because I know you like them. I don’t even really think about it. When I get dressed to go out with you, I automatically reach for the stockings.”

The idea that doing things to please him was second nature to her just about pushed him over the edge. Clinging to control, determined to return the favour, he lifted his head slightly to press his mouth to her clit, biting it lightly through her panties.

“Richie please!”

The urgency in her voice sparked an answering need deep inside him. Rising to his knees, he stripped off his shirt and set to work on her garters and stockings. Once he had her completely naked, he settle between her legs again, sliding his shoulders under her thighs, his hands came around her hips, his fingers holding back her swollen folds, opening her to...whatever he wanted.

One long, slow lick only served to whet his appetite. “Sweet. So sweet.”

Tori’s eyes drifted shut and her back arched as he feasted. Her breath came in pants and her heart pounded as he licked and kissed her hot moist flesh. When his lips closed around her clit and suckled, she cried out, the wave of pleasure overwhelming her. “Richie!”

He didn’t stop. Alternating a calloused fingertip with his smoother tongue, he rubbed and flicked, prolonging her orgasm. Without warning, she crested again. And still he continued. Her hands fisted in the sheet beneath her as she fought to breathe. “Jesus.”

When she came a third time, Richie decided she’d had enough...for now. Releasing her, he rolled onto his back, threw his arm over his eyes and fought back his own arousal.

Tori let her gaze roam over the masculine form lying beside her while she waited to regain her breath. She watched a shudder shake his body and felt guilty, knowing he was suffering. When she could move she set about easing his pain. She reached into the drawer of her bed side table and pulled out a container. Scooping out some lotion she turned back to Richie – or more specifically, to his erection standing tall and strong through his opened pants. She circled his shaft with one hand, rubbing in lotion as she stroked him up and down.

Releasing him, Tori went to work on removing the rest of his clothes. Glancing up, she saw a frown crease his brow. “What’s wrong?”

“What did you put on me?” One hand reached down to touch himself, then rubbed the lotion between his fingers.

She grinned. “Feeling a little heat?”

“Mmmhmm.” His hips shifted.

“It’s just that warming lube you used on me.” Tori crawled up until she could reach his lips. “I added a little flavoured lotion to it.” Her lips grazed his.

“Yeah?” His interest perked up even more. “What flavour?”

“Chocolate of course. My sweet tooth is acting up.”

“Angel.....I hate to rush you, but....” Richie shifted his hips restlessly.

Tori bent to worry a male nipple with the tip of her tongue. “A little uncomfortable?”

“A little.”

“Well, we’ll have to see what we can do to make you more....comfortable.” With a low chuckle she kissed, licked and sucked her way down his torso. When she reached his waist, she spread his thighs so that she could lie in between. Ignoring his aching shaft for the moment – what’s a little torture between lovers – she focused on his sac. She took first one ball, then the other into her mouth, sucking hard. The tip of her tongue rubbed the sensitive spot behind them grinning when his back arched and his hands clutched the sheet.


The growled words were almost indecipherable, but the urgent need was loud and clear. His erection bobbed in front of her eager for attention. Starting at the very base, she ran the flat of her tongue along his entire length, following the big vein that pulsed on the underside. When she reached the tip, she stopped then started at the base again, licking him like an ice cream cone, over and over, savouring his flavour. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed as much of him as she could, increasing her suction as she slowly released him, the tip coming free with an audible pop.

She stifled her giggle and continued to play. The sounds he was making warned her to get on with it. So she brought her hands into play. One wrapped around his erection and began to pump, using a slight twisting motion. The other cupped his sac, stretching the soft skin then reaching beneath to rub the spot that drove him crazy. At the same time she alternated licking and sucking the throbbing tip, and blew lightly on it.

“Fuck angel!” He was breathing like a racehorse, his entire body tensed, fighting to hold back his climax. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore and he grabbed her head and pulled her down over him, exploding in her mouth.

Tori sucked and swallowed, pushing the magic spot with her finger to make sure nothing was left inside him. When she was sure he was empty, she pulled up the blankets and settled into her favourite spot curled into his side.  

As wonderful as the past hour or so had been, she still felt a little....less than completely satisfied. But there would be no cure for that for a few more weeks. And then he’d better be ready, because I’m going to wear him out!

Richie blew out a breath and hugged her closer, kissing her forehead. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

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  1. Glad their night out went without incident, can't help feeling that this is the calm before the storm, can't wait for more